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How · beautiful · is · death...?
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5th-Feb-2008 11:20 pm - Juno is LOVE
26th-Jan-2008 07:42 pm - Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

Take this test!

Ever get the urge to trick your friends into eating bogey-flavored Every Flavour Beans? Do you laugh when your mates fall off their broomsticks (or, bikes)? No doubt, you're usually the person at the back of the room, not paying attention and cracking jokes — and that's why people love to be around you.

While you're definitely a class clown, you still aren't all laughs at all times. You're loyal and committed and you care deeply for your close friends. Red-haired or not, you've got a charm all your own, and we're willing to bet you have more than one fan club. Wingardium le-VIO-sa!

I swear I've been sincere... LOL!!!!
21st-Jan-2008 04:21 am - I'm safe with you, Harry
I know I should be more sociable and not to waste so much time in inet, but is so... amusing! In fact I just have discovered snooping in LJ that many users like the tv show Carnivale, it's seems great and I'm already downloading it.
Anyway, I probably give up this insipid blog when I finish my exams and begun the class in two weeks. But until that I hope this posts and my visits to wordreference.com can be (?) useful to improve my poor english. But in this days I am discovering the pleasure of spent all the night doing things in my room and sleeping during the morning, it's really productive... I'll do it most often from now on.

My first cut. LOL!Collapse )

By the way, maybe when I finished my exams, in february or march, I'll go on a trip to London!!! I'dont know, I only have talked about it with one of my flatmates who traveled there last summer, and if we'll go we'll onle stay there two or three days but I've never been in England and I really want to go. I'll keep you informed my invisible buddies!

The picture you see is no portrait of me
It's too real to be shown to someone I don't know
And it's driving me wild
It makes me act like a child
18th-Jan-2008 04:21 am - My first lyric post

I'm in my clothes and i'm all alone
I just woke up but no one knows
I'll stay in bed
I'll go in late

I'll take the chance or make other plans
I'll pay the rent and ditch the phone
I won't be home

I'm still the same
I will not change
I'll never be more than you see
But if you need something,
Please call me

The mail is in and the lights are out
I'm in the dark but i see your doubt
The stove is on 'cause the heater's not
There's water in here but the plants are gone

I'll pay the rest but fuck the phone
I won't be home

I'm still the same
I will not change
I'll never be more than you see
But if you need something,
Please call me...

16th-Jan-2008 06:01 pm - My eyes!!
I can't see!!!
I don't understand, I see fuzzy , I find it difficult to read the words in the screen, I don't focus the view.
It's so difficult the fuckin english! Joderr... I hope this dosen't last too much...
Anyway I'm going to play with the template.
14th-Jan-2008 04:19 am - Message in a bottle
Hello my love, this is the letter I never wrote to you, because you never have existed.
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